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Stankowitz Test Equipment

Your expert for
innovative test system

The team at Stankowitz Test Equipment develops and produces test systems that are tailored to the changes in the automotive industry and, above all, to your very special requirements. Our innovations are based on more than 50 years of experience. We therefore operate globally and look optimistically to the future our headquarters in Diepholz.

Vehicle testing and test systems

Even the smallest current measuring modules perform major tasks. especially in high-voltage measurement technology. We construct highly complex test systems for you and at the same time dedicate ourselves to customised products for use in endurance testing, powertrain and crash tests.

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Your expert for innovative automotive solutions

Vehicle testing

Quality and safety are a top priority in vehicle testing. The Stankowitz team places a strong focus on the development of electric and hybrid vehicles. We offer an extensive range of innovative products for high-voltage measurement technology, such as measuring cases to ensure zero voltage, voltage distribution boxes, CAN distribution boxes and much more.

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Test systems

Test systems produced by Stankowitz are both essential and reliable for test processes in the automotive industry. We specialise in end-of-line testing for bumpers, cockpits, door panels and much more. Camera detection of scratches or material defects and high-precision robots or cobots are also part of the wide range of products offered by Stankowitz Test Equipment GmbH.

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