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Testsystems for Mobility

Test systems and measurement technology

for mobility of today and tomorrow

Today's mobility is becoming increasingly diverse. Not only cars and trains are important components of the transport network, but new technologies are also playing an ever greater role. This is how you ensure that we can move around ever more flexibly.

In automotive and railway technology, functional testing is one of the most important tasks. Modern vehicles require innovative and modern testing systems to ensure quality in the delivery of your company's products.

The Stankowitz team focuses in particular on efficient support for the testing and production of e.g. electric and hybrid vehicles. Among other things, we offer an extensive range of innovative products to support measurement technology in the high-voltage sector. These include measurement boxes to ensure the absence of voltage, voltage distribution boxes and CAN distribution boxes. With our products and software solutions, you can be sure that you are always at the cutting edge of technology.
In the automotive sector, the test systems and measurement technology from STANKOWITZ TEST EQUIPMENT GmbH are indispensable for ensuring 100 % quality in series production. We specialise in end-of-line testing (e.g. vehicle seats, bumpers, cockpits and door panels) and can guarantee reliable results. Since our measurements can always be evaluated, differences can be compared and thus processes optimised.

With our philosophy and many years of know-how, we are your first point of contact in the field of testing and measurement technology. We offer solutions that are integrated into your production process.

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Feel free to contact us.We specialize in prototypes and small series production and develop your test system or measuring module together with you.

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